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Windows are structure to allow light and air to the house or any building and are one of the main ventilation sources; they are one the basic structure in any architecture of any building. Windows have many applications such as ventilation, now days also used to show status so are also much ornamented, decorated for aesthetic value. Windows are generally made from a variety of materials like plastic, wood, glass, plexi glass, etc.

Purpose of Windows

We need fresh air for breathing and need ventilation as we basically need oxygen and also remove unwanted carbon dioxide. In absence of windows people will just suffocate, also they are required for the sunlight. Windows are made of different sizes and shapes to allow different amounts of light in the house or building. They are required to maintain certain amount of brilliance in the house. Also the government has certain laws regarding having windows and all these codes must be followed by the contractors. One another feature is the ambient temperature control. They allow the environment temperature to allow and stabilize the temperature within the house, if it is too hot inside we can open windows to allow air in to cool off.

Designer Windows their value and purpose

Just as we accessorize to the every last detail our houses to need to accessorize using windows as a part of the overall look, while designing an interior of any house it is essential that the window design be suitable too. They add to the overall décor and atmosphere of the house. Generally people make windows such for living rooms that they allow ample light to pass in and match the décor elements accordingly. Also they prefer for the bedrooms windows having less light as they are generally used for relaxation purposes.

The main reason to design window was warmth and ventilation, these were the basic reasons for introducing windows to the housing designs. But it also had the potential to invite any robber into the house so proper care had to be taken to ensure that windows were strong and sturdy, allowing only the proper requirements and no unwanted elements to pass in.

The first windows were just holes in the walls, were later made like shutters for huge windows and some also used paper to cover the windows. As time advanced and the invention of wood carpentry was established much more framework was introduced in the windows also as glass started being used, windows were now becoming more and more useful and elegant.

Varieties of Windows today

Windows come in many shapes and sizes not to mention the innumerable styles and designs they are available in. Also windows of several types are made now days such as gliding type, these windows to open have to be simply slide in the pre determined direction to open them, and can be easily locked and closed too. Certain windows are available that open out and are very popular too. They have additional grills to ensure that no one can come through in. The list can be unending as there are so many types of windows like sash windows, round top window, polygon window, etc.

Not to mention the variety of themes they come in also the shades of colour we can choose from a wide variety. Almost every colour in rainbow spectrum is available in the Market today. So depending on you, you can select cool colors or hot colors as per your wish. Also there are a number of interior designers available today, who can help you select for a better window.


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