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The winter season has started and it is time for the kids to go to school, just as you get more and more time to enjoy more at home alone, you can also try some inexpensive ways to decorate your house and add a warm glow to your house. Make some interesting changes in the house and get to know more and more people.

Here are given some very moderate ideas for you house wives to try and give your house that extra special look that you always wanted, all you require is simple crafting skills and materials.

There are certain ways of making your doors and windows look more appealing and beautiful, these include making wreaths or autumn garland.

There are certain things you will require for making a wreath,

These are wreath form which you can make yourself if you are good at crafts, or alternatively can buy from a ready made craft store.

You will need some picks and sprigs of real or leaves and flowers.

Get some wire to hang the wreath or some ribbons with which you can tie it too, also it gives a more traditional look and feel to it.

You will also need a glue gun or adhesive to stick together the work of piece.

There are certain types of wreaths like grapevine wreath or straw wreath these all can be prepared to give a warm and lovely look to any decoration. You can use it as a base material for making the wreaths. For occasions like thanks giving or Halloween you can use colored ribbons too to give it a more different look.

You can decorate the wreaths with mums or dried vegetables and fruits like gourds, small corn, pumpkins, etc. You can even add some colored balls to increase the looking factor. As a matter of fact if you have a good budget you can even get some lights around it too.

An autumn garland hanging around the doorway is a cheery and welcoming sight so you can get it too; all you need is to get some color to the space and give it more appealing look by adding more color to the space. Get some brass hooks or nails in the wall and make sure that you can get them out easily when required; you can fix the garland on the doors and windows.

Cleaning it will be also very easy as long as you remember to dust it regularly. It can last several months. Get some seasonal mini lights woven into the garland to improve upon it. Arrange the lights such that the garland if removed the lights still can stay on the hook.

Just make sure that whatever you require is always available in the house for the decoration. Make the best from the useless household items and you can use them for decorating the house instead of throwing them away.

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