A few tips to improve the home entrance

Like the exterior walkways that precedes them, interior entryways not only set moods and create specific atmospheres but say a lot about a home and its owner as well. Those homeowners who enjoy impressing guests and those who strive to make their home look and feel good often go to great lengths to enhance their homes entryway. While this might seem a silly project to some homeowners an enhanced entryway can be used to not just increase a homes aesthetics but make the best use of what would otherwise be empty space as well.

When a homeowner does decide to enhance their entryway there are a great number of things they can do to make that happen. The first and perhaps the most popular is to add some sort of throw rug or strip of carpet down in the center of the walkway. Not only is this eye-catching but it allows guests entering the home to make their feet even cleaner prior to entering a living room or other room that sees heavy foot traffic. Rugs and carpeting can also add a bit of color to what might otherwise be a very drab entryway.

New front door

Another popular upgrade for plain entryways is a new front door. Not only will a new front door be appealing from the inside but it can add some curb appeal to the exterior of a home as well. With so many different options for front doors available these days homeowners will have no problem finding a door that works with their new entryway. Moreover homeowners can actually have custom doors designed so that their interiors and exteriors are different and complement each area respectively. Custom front doors give homeowners an opportunity to go wild with their imagination and utilize colors and themes that are going to appear within their new entryway.

Doors and carpets aside it’s not uncommon for homeowners to place chairs and/or benches alongside the walls within their entryway. Not only do these things act as great decorative pieces but can be handy for people just entering or exiting a home too. Big and small conversations often begin as guests enter and leave homes and having benches and chairs in an entryway gives homeowners and their guests an opportunity to take a load off before taking the grand tour or before leaving the residence.

The word enhancement is often synonymous with decorative pieces and entryways are no exception. Even with carpeting, a new door, and benches or chairs present, entryway may still look incomplete and rather plain without some sort of decorative pieces placed within them. Small but lengthy tables are often put in entryways against walls and are almost always accompanied by things like table lamps and pictures of the family/friends. Another option that’s quite popular with homeowners enhancing an entryway are small potted plants and sometimes artificial flowers. Used in conjunction with table lamps and pictures these things can help bring entryway to life.

There many other options for enhancing an entryway though most are far less popular and affordable than the aforementioned. Things like new paint, new flooring, new running boards, and even a ceiling light or fan can all greatly enhance the look and feel of a homes entryway though they tend to cost homeowners a bit more and make such a project much lengthier than it needs to be.

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