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There are many reasons why glass is broken:

  1. Hits from various objects from the street (the ball, the release of stone materials from under the wheels of passing cars, etc.);
  2. Hits of the leaflets on the slopes because of drafts;
  3. Strong shocks (this can apply to both windows and doors in public places);
  4. Illegal penetration of burglars into the house by breaking windows, etc.

That is why manufacturers of plastic windows have taken seriously the issue of additional protection of glasses.

Triplex (laminated glass) - is one of the types of safety glass. The triplex consists of 2 or more glasses, which are glued together with an EVA film or a polymer composition. A distinctive feature of the triplex is that when the glass breaks, it keeps on the interlayer, creating a characteristic web. It is the interlayer that prevents damage to the fragments during destruction. Such material is used in those cases where there is a high risk of breaking glass (facade glazing, automotive).

Properties of a film triplex:

  • Glass after the destruction remains hanging on the film, preventing injury;
  • Can be used as a safe decorative material;
  • Noise reduction from 32 to 45 dB.


The tint can provide almost complete unilateral visibility of the room, as well as significantly reduce the penetration of sunlight into the room.

Modern window tint film give not only aesthetic appeal, but also can reduce energy costs and accordingly reduce the load on the electrical circuits of the building. Competent window tint not only saves you from direct sunlight, but also increases the efficiency of air conditioning systems. With the proper selection of the film it helps to reflect a significant percentage of not only the luminous flux, but also a significant part of the thermal energy.

The main functions of window coverings:

  • Sun protection - tint that protect the interior space of the room from ultraviolet rays. The ultraviolet range is that part of the solar spectrum that causes burns, and if overexposed it can cause serious illnesses. The film filters out up to 99% of ultraviolet radiation, and ultraviolet rays are successfully absorbed not only by tinting, but also by transparent films.
  • One-sided visibility - due to the mirror properties of some types of film, the effect of one-sided visibility is possible. This, while maintaining free viewing through the glass from the inside, almost completely eliminates the possibility of surveillance from the outside.

We are pleased to offer our customers a variety of options for tinting (sun protection) films for double-glazed windows - any shades, mirror and frosted, with varying degrees of protection and light transmission.


Plastic and aluminum windows of our company, due to their tightness, effectively cope with the retention of heat in the room, but not all windows are able to keep temperature of the room comfortable in summer. Double-glazed windows with climate control solve this problem. The action principle of the multifunctional glass is similar to the principle of energy saving, however, in addition to silver ions from the inside, the spraying of the multifunctional glass contains ultra-thin deposition of a number of other metals from the outside of the glass, thanks to which unmatched sun protection characteristics of the glass unit are achieved without the use of toning layers - about 58% of energy does not enter the room. The room retains a comfortable temperature even in extreme heat.

Double-glazed windows with climate control - an effective solution for premises located on the sunny side, for loggias and balconies, as well as for country houses.

Advantages of multi-climate double-glazed windows.

  • Serves for a long time
    Preserves properties throughout the life of the device
  • Positively affects the growth of plants
    Indoor plants do not overheat and do not freeze
  • Transparent coated glass
    Do not distort colors outside the window, 10% higher light transmission compared to analogues
  • Eco-Friendly Sealants
    Sealants do not contain soot, mercury and its compounds


Sound insulation quality is directly related to the glazing structure, its thickness. Today, transparent building manufacturers offer consumers different glazing thickness: 1 and 1,5 inches, and different designs. A highlight of this construction lies in the fact that the chamber between the panes contains either air or gas, which prevents intensive heat transfer between mediums, which separates the window and provides reliable sound insulation.

Depending on the thickness of glass changes the number of glasses and cameras. Thus, when the thickness of 1 inches in the structure 2 includes glass, at a thickness of 1,5 inches - three glass. The thicker the glass unit, the better the insulation. Plastic windows with sound insulation can be equipped with special noise absorbing glass.

Significant increase in noise insulation gives the use of glass in different layers of different thicknesses. So, if the difference in the thickness of the glass is more than 30%, then different in thickness of the glass do not resonate because the frequencies of their natural oscillations are very different, and thereby absorb sound waves much more efficiently


The glass unit has failed, deformed, cracked or you just want to improve its performance? Our company can repair and replace the insulating glass units easily, professionailly, fast, and at the same time, at fair value.

Our glazing is very easy to replace. It takes about 3 minutes to replace the glass, and you may put almost anything on its place. Also you don`t need any special equipment for it. For more information, see the video.