Aluminum Panoramic garage doors


The panoramic gates embody all the most important qualities and the latest trends presented in the market of sectional doors: excellent functionality, a wide range of sizes, a variety of colors. Elegant aluminum construction with maximum glazing meets modern design requirements, while ensuring good thermal and sound insulation. Panoramic gates are the ideal solution for buildings in the style of Hi-tech and car dealerships.

The aluminum slats of the roller shutters are anodized, stained, covered with PVC film, and a new type of thermal staining using a polymer composition is used. Lamella, finished with this technology, it is difficult to distinguish from the shelves from the tree of valuable species. The durability of all these coatings to atmospheric influences (in view of the fact that aluminum itself is almost not susceptible to corrosion) is very high.

Profile system

  • Panoramic panels made of 2 inch aluminum profiles
  • Maximum door size 280x280 inch
  • Any door size in increments of 0,2 inch

How it works

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A characteristic feature of our glazing is a high level of tightness, which allows them to prevent the loss of heat from the house. Thus, our glazing has an energy-saving function.

In addition to the advanced thermal insulation characteristics, our glazing has a refined design. We offer many variations of design and decoration, in addition, you can choose the design yourself.

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