UPVC Tilt & turn windows


Tilt-and-turn systems are very convenient, because they can be installed in almost any wall and are equipped with all the necessary features of modern building construction elements.

The following characteristics are very common for tilt-and-turn windows.

  • Individual designs in terms of aesthetics;
  • Comfortable opening mechanism of the casement;
  • Tilting can prevent the creation of mould;
  • Easy cleaning of frame and casement;
  • Another advantage of tilt-and turn windows is their affordable price. However, the respective costs.

Depend on several factors, such as material, additional features and safety glazing.

How it works

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Profile system

  • Specifications:

    • Thickness – 2 inches
    • Glazed thickness – 1 inch
    • U-factor = 0.29 (BTU/Hr – sq. ft. - *F)
    • Double glass pane
    • Sound Transmission Class: 33
    • Air leakage: 0,21
  • Specifications:

    • Thickness – 2 3/4 inches
    • Glazed thickness – 1 inch
    • U-factor = 0.24 (BTU/Hr – sq. ft. - *F)
    • Double glass pane
    • Sound Transmission Class: 34
    • Air leakage: 0,21
  • Specifications:

    • Thickness – 3 1/8 inches
    • Glazed thickness – 1 1/4 inch
    • U-factor = 0.19 (BTU/Hr – sq. ft. - *F)
    • Triple glass pane
    • Sound Transmission Class: 36
    • Air leakage: 0,21

Opening options


UPVC tilt and turn windows have a number of advantages:

  • Low price (compared to windows made of aluminum, or natural wood).
  • Excellent thermal insulation. Correctly selected glass unit and profile system allow to reduce heat losses in the room and save on heating.
  • Impermeability. This property of UPVC tilt and turn windows not only improves thermal insulation, but also provides a high level of protection against noise, moisture and dust.
  • Durability. According to the research, the service life of windows made of UPVC is estimated at 40 years.
  • Resistance to all types of atmospheric phenomena. UPVC tilt and turn windows are not sensitive to rain and hurricanes, snow, scorching sun and sharp temperature changes.
  • Fire safety. PVC is a flame resistant material that does not burn.
  • Ecological compatibility. UPVC windows do not emit any harmful substances. Moreover, the profiles of KBE are produced using Greenline special technology and do not contain lead.
  • Aesthetic appearance. Accurate shape and harmonious combination of different types of profiles in the window, allow to fit into the metal-plastic windows in any interior.
  • Ease of operation. Metal-plastic windows do not require almost any maintenance. It is enough to wash them regularly.


Glazing makes up 80% of a window. A characteristic feature of our glazing is a high level of tightness, which allows them to prevent the loss of heat from the house. Thus, our glazing has an energy-saving function.

In addition to the advanced thermal insulation characteristics, our glazing has a refined design. We offer many variations of design and decoration, in addition, you can choose the design yourself.

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